Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

Transforming families through discipleship to impact nations and advance the kingdom of God.

The Vision

LEADing with the future in mind, we empower Believers to utilize their gifts to serve the community and develop a passion for worship, the word and prayer.

Our Focus


AREC Global has a Kingdom assignment which still holds true to our mandate of transforming families to impact nations.  However, God has expanded our impact and influence to lead people all around the world by providing oversight and apostolic covering . As we lead with the future in mind, we are able to be a launching pad for the strategic planting of  new ministries.


AREC Global  believes in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to grant the authority to represent the Kingdom of Heaven in the Earth through miracles, signs and wonders.  We equip believers with the necessary tools to walk daily in that power and authority to advance the Kingdom of God.  


AREC Global activates and stirs us the spiritual gifts in the life of the Believer.  An understanding of the specific gifts  and  how to effectively use those gifts allows believers to glorify God and edify the Body of Christ. Believers are also called to various areas of influence and are encouraged to use their gifts as a beacon of light in the world.


AREC Global is committed to making disciples by leading people across the world into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Through the teaching of the scriptures, Believers learn how to declare, defend and demonstrate their faith.  Believers can learn the daily disciplines which build a stronger level of faith  in their walk with Christ.

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